Favorite Milla Jovovich Photos. (x)

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  1. Favorite Main Character
  2. Favorite Minor/Recurring Character
  3. Favorite Antagonist
  4. Favorite Protagonist
  5. Favorite Character Arc Development
  6. Female Character With The Best Lines
  7. Female Character You Most Identify With
  8. Female Character You Wish Was Still Alive
  9. Favorite Female Friendship
  10. A Sad Moment Involving A Female Character
  11. A Happy Moment Involving A Female Character
  12. An Empowering Moment Involving A Female Character
  13. Scene Involving 2 or more Female Characters
  14. Favorite Human Character
  15. Favorite Non-Human Character
  16. Favorite Warrior Character
  17. Favorite Doctor Character
  18. Favorite Mother Character
  19. Most Underrated Character
  20. Favorite Quote

Make sure to tag any posts with “Scifi Women Meme” within your first 5 tags so I can see what you guys come up with.

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Heroes Underrated Characters Appreciation Week

Day 1: A character that touched you  (emotionally)

Eden: Well, I wish you the best of luck. 
Isaac: Why? Where you going? 
Eden: Off the reservation. 
Isaac: You’re leaving… what good is painting the future if no one would do anything to change it. 
(Eden kisses Isaac on the cheek and hands him a keycard and cell phone)
Eden: [whispers] So change it. 

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Spur of the moment thing: I’m putting the finishing touches on a Scifi Women Meme. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

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"Kerrigan" - Illustration by Tom Furber

This digital painting of Kerrigan, the protagonist of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, is officially the most advanced piece of digital art I’ve created so far. My style has evolved from using basic black lines to taking a more high-level approach experimenting with realism. I’ve pushed myself on this piece, and my skill in digital painting has improved quite a bit because of it!

You can view it larger, with zoomed-in shots at thomasfurber.com.

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Awesome Lady Meme

3 Geniuses - 3/3 Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu (Raelee Hill)

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Michelle Rodriguez

- Mike Ruiz [2006]

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Yori all TRON: Legacy/Uprising/Evolution style :I cause that would be awesome…

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Sarah Douglas and Margot Kidder in “Superman II”, 1980

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You are iron. 
And you are strong. (x)

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BSG Cast

➣Grace Park

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